DSGA Player Membership

Who can be a member of the Delaware State Golf Association?

At the Club Level: A club is eligible for membership if they fit the requirements established by the DSGA and the USGA. Please contact our office to inquire about club membership.

At the Individual Level:
Once you establish a handicap with a DSGA Member Club you become a member of the DSGA.

What are the advantages of my membership?

DSGA members are eligible for all DSGA Tournaments and events. Many of the DSGA events are held on some of the most prestigious clubs in Delaware. DSGA events give members the opportunity to play golf courses that are not typically open to public play.

Do I need a handicap at a member club to participate in all DSGA events?

No, however you do need a USGA handicap. The DSGA has several events in which guest can participate. Our Four Ball series allows guest to participate, as long as they play on a team with DSGA member.

How can I establish a handicap without joining a club membership?

Many DSGA member clubs offer membership through their men's associations. These memberships are usually at a minimal expense and include a handicap; this also satisfies individual membership with the DSGA. If you would like information on the clubs in your area please contact us at 302-234-3365; we will be able to suggest a course that fits your needs.

If you need further assistance or have a question that was not answered here please contact the DSGA at 302-234-3365. We are happy to assist you.